Wake up

What ? Yet another animated version ? Oh no... And with sound ? And one must click here to hear it ? Come on...

Never mind, the Termite Fellowship takes this opportunity to wish you the best for 2019, after a yet quiet year 2018 on this blog, which surely deserves better... Not as though 2018 were spent speeling, mind you — see for yourselves :

Gaëlle Maas has kept up with her overly poetic, dreamy and delicate series of drawings, some of which are available on her website. Her work furthermore benefitted fom at least three personal and/or collective art shows throughout the year : here, here and there.

Ronald Grandpey, on the other hand, has made two animated music videos for US rapper Tobi Lou (several million views each), and a new promo ID for American TV channel Adult Swim :




He also took part to De Tout Bois (ed. Adverse), a French comics anthology which original artworks were shown in art galleries in Brussels and Toulouse, and signed a couple illustrations (here, here et there for instance). And a new animated teaser for Tobi Lou has recently been released, apparently before more upcoming surprises...

Have an excellent year 2019, and see you around ! ❤️

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